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At Wee Companions it is our goal to adopt all animals to loving families. We often take in animals that are not adoptable for one reason or another. It could be because of health issues, age or temperament. These animals are not euthanized and become part of our Sanctuary Animal program and typically they stay within our organization in loving sanctuary homes where they are provided with love, medical attention, a comfy cage, and high quality food. Depending on the circumstance, some of these special animals are adopted if the perfect home comes along. At any given time, Wee Companions can have 100 sanctuary animals of various species. These are a few of their stories. New stories will be added periodically.

Hi y'all, my name is Travis and I live in the Piazza Palace. I got pretty lucky, I must admit, when Wee Companions offered me a home. I was really scared and confused at the shelter and I was biting everything and everyone. I still do but I don't mean to. It's not really my fault although I am indeed using my own teeth. I have a neurological issue and bite my own tail too. I bite it so hard that sometimes, I hurt myself. I wish I could stop that but I can't. When I get into this weird stage, I go into circles too, out of the blue. I just... I don't know what to say, I can't help it. I really love my mommy and daddy because they are very patient with me and give me lots of yummy food and a soft beds and nice hammocks... everything is fluffy and soft and I really love my life. I am very fortunate my parents understand that I don't mean to use my teeth. They forgive me and love me for who I am. I live by myself because it's really hard to gauge what I would do with other rats next to me. I don't want to hurt them so it's safest to have them as neighbors. I can still talk to them but I can't hurt them. I'm an older boy and am now set in my ways. If you ever need to learn how to make a proper nest with paper towels, come on by and I will teach you!

Uno's Story!

Wandering our local shelters can be heartbreaking for rescuers. You always think, can I fit one more in? Save one more life? A couple of years ago our President was doing just that...wandering the local animal shelter. She really did not have any business visiting with the dogs but it just happened that way. She spotted a small apricot poodle with an injured leg. Wee Companions has a good relationship with the shelters so Fenella went to chat with the adoption coordinator to make sure the poodle would be OK, she was bracing herself to take the dog as one of our WC sanctuaries. With relief she heard that poodle rescue was coming to collect the injured dog that day , however there was an elderly poodle in the back that she may want to meet.
"Uno" had just had all his teeth except one removed the day before due to very bad decay. He had been found wandering in a poor condition with very dirty matted hair and was very thin. No one had claimed him but due to his age and appearance would be hard to place. When he came out of the kennel he looked very scraggly but quietly came to sit next to Fenella and waited as if to say, "well come on, do the paperwork and lets go home!" He was on medication after his many teeth extractions and was to be started on soft food.
Uno has been the Wee Companions sanctuary dog now for the last two years. He is elderly, maybe about 14 now, but enjoys his walks with the younger dogs in the family and will keep up with the best of them. He has been debarked so despite thinking he is defending the property, in reality sounds like he is about to hack up a fur ball, poor old guy! His skin is sensitive and his tongue flops out of his mouth since there are not enough teeth to keep them in place. He has become very attached to Fenella and is happiest when he is with her. Despite only having one tooth he eats everything he is offered and even enjoys the odd bone to gnaw on! Uno will live out his golden years in our home under the sanctuary program. He is much loved!

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